Mohammed Abdel-Hamid Kishk

Abdel Hamid Keshk1933_1996).He is a scholar  and Islamic preacher , people call him the knight of platforms, he is the most famous one of  preachers of the twentieth century in Arab and Muslim world. He has more than 2000 recorded sermons. He preaches for forty years without mistaking once in the Arabic language. Abdel-Hamid Kishk was sighted until the age of thirteen then he lost one of his eyes, after that, at the age of seventeen, the other eye was lost. He often says about himself: “If god takes from my eyes their light, my heart and my mind have light more than them.”
Abdel Hamid Bin Abdul Aziz was born in Sharafia which belongs to Elbehira province. He could keep Quran by heart when he was younger than ten years. He then joined the religious Institute in Alexandria, and in the second year of secondary, he got the estimate of 100% as well as in the secondary school certificate of Elazhar and he was ranked the first all over the Republic. He then joined the faculty of origins of religion, and he was ranked the first of the faculty throughout years of the study.  It was during college, he served as professors, explaining subjects in public lectures for students Commissioned by teachers; many of them were displaying their scientific trial subjects before explaining them to the students, specially, science of grammar.
Abdel Hamid was appointed a lecturer But he does not have to give a lecture, but he didn’t give even one lecture for students; after that, he left teaching profession at the university, for his desire was clung to platforms which was looking forward to since he was 12 years old. He didn’t forget that sermon in his village which allowed him to ascend to the platform In young age  when the mosque preacher was absent; and how brave was above the level of his young age; and how he demanded equality and compassion among people,moreover, how he asked people medicine and clothing for the children of the village, the matter which raised people’s attention to him and their gathering around him.
He was arrested in 1965 and remained at the prison for two years and a half, during this period, he transported among detentions where he was tortured so much even though he was without sight since young age. Nevertheless, he kept his job as an imam of the mosque. In 72 AD, began to intensify his preaching and he was attending prayer with huge crowds of worshipers. Since 1976 began collision with power, especially after the treaty of Camp David, at that time, he accused the government of betrayal of Islam; after that, he was  arrested in the year of 1981 AD with a number of political opponents, he was released in 82 AD and he did not return to his mosque, where they prevent him from preaching or giving lessons. During his imprison, Keshk received terribletornaments left their effects on his body despite his disability.
His masterpieces
Abdel Hamid Kishk wrote 108 books through which he handled all platforms and Islamic education. His writings were described by his contemporary scientists that simplify  concepts of Islam, and sensitive to the needs of the people; he wrote a book of ten volumes which was called “in the company of interpretation.”, this book was written after preventing him from preaching through which he interpreted  Koran in full; it displays the interpretation of aspects of advocacy in the Koran.
The reasons of his success, may god have mercy upon him
–     His words and his most amusing satirical speech, kindness in addition, humor and sarcasm and; when you hear the sermon several times, they remain like the first time you hear.
-His lack of tradition of men, but he was an independent school.
-He reached the eloquence of his style and the strength of his language as well as his mastery of the classical and the ability to deliver his style for people of different culture, knowledge and dialect.
-His asceticism in the world and he is far from its pleasures.
-His citation of great works of poetry and humorous, beautiful stories, and masterpieces of proverbs.
-His patience and persistence in adversity, and the courage to tell the truth, as well as the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.
His death and his wish which was fulfilled:
Before his death, he told his wife and children that he saw a vision of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and Omar Ibn al-Khattab. He saw in a dream (peace be upon him) and said to him (peace be upon him) “peace be on Omar, greeted by Sheikh Keshk, then felled to the ground dead and the profit (peace be upon him) washed with his hands. His wife told him: – she recounted this vision – you taught us that it is not vision if you hated, Sheikh said Booth: Who told you that I hate this vision of God, I hope that it will be as it was. Then he went in his house and he did wudoo for Friday prayers as usual, he began moving in kneeling before going to the mosque for prayers and prayed prostration , and in the second one, prostrated the first prostration and raise and then prostrated the second prostration and where he died. That was suitable day. He was calling from God before, to die in  prostration and it was what he wanted