DINA JALAL: World champion in the Special Olympics and she loves to play the piano

Despite her affliction with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is a disease caused by a defect in chromosome makes infected born looks like Mongols, so the infected born is called Mongolian children, the infected one is characterized by weakness of mind and physical growth. Since that she opened her eyes to the world, she  began a journey of challenge and struggle because of her illness of Down syndrome. What helps her in this that her family believes in God and they are indifferent what people say; and they didn’t hide her as was prevalent at that time. She went to a school for people with mental disabilities, at the same time, she practiced her favorite sport with the encouragement of her family and her coach she could win many tournaments and she is still dreaming of more . She is Dina Jalal who was interviewed by “challenge-makers” on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day for Down syndrome. She is not only an honorable ideal for the challenger of disability, but for any human being.
She says – 43 years – I was born in 1970 and since the first moment of my birth in the hospital, the doctor knew that I was infected with Down syndrome. It was the reaction of my family to accept the matter with satisfied spirit. Although the community did not have the culture of recognition to people with mental disabilities, however, my family did not hide me from the eyes of people, and she imposed my existence on everyone. I joined a private school – section of people with mental disabilities – since I was four years . My mother began with me exerting hard effort in order to learn: She was bringing small paper boxes writing  them in different colors so I know each sheet of color; with repetition and observation, I could learn, My little sister also played an important role, when she entered school she was coming back to the house and doing homework, I was imitating her keeping myself in my room writing and doing like her.


She adds: My mom gave me my right to life when she helped me to inter the world of sport, It was inside me a strong desire that made me live a normal life like any other girl, she was taking me to the club. I participated in an association was interesting in people with disabilities, I began to exercise the Sport of Shot Put. In 1993, I participated in the contest for the Olympics on Lebanon after that I participated in many competitions of Arab, African American for American Olympics in the sport of shot put; I won several silver and bronze medals. After that, I hold the title of Spokeswoman for players in the Special Olympics Internationally and Locally; and here, I was transformed from a player to a spokeswoman only.
Dina completes her speech saying: In 2003, I traveled to Texas to attend a conference to talk about my experience with the Special Olympics; then I travelled to Tunisia and Japan to attend the torch lighting ceremony “Flame of Hope.” One of the main characters that I have met through conferences and numerous travels is the former U.S President “George Bush “and his wife Laura Bush at the White House in 2005 during the establishment of one of the festivals on the Special Olympics. I was overjoyed and untold at the meeting, then I began a new phase with the Special Olympics where I became an employee of the Olympics Office in Cairo receiving the VIP and connect with them; I coordinated the preparation of the conference. The most important conferences I have participated was “First Regional Conference in Syria “and thrown the speech about my, career I concluded, saying: “I know that I am handicapped, But what is important now, how I became.”
In addition to her superiority in sports, she knows many other hobbies and she has said: I love listening to music; and I have learned to play the piano since the eighth, when I was playing at the opening of the International Children’s Film Festival at the Opera House In 1999.  Also, I played music in the conference of Arab women. My hobby is painting, specifically drawing mosques with wax “batik”. Away from public arts, i love writing and I has many “Akoshakil” which I brought them from various countries of the world. I also got a computer course and mastered writing and research online.
The journey of Dina with the Special Olympics games of Egypt as an athlete began to exercise Sports of Shot Put at Olympic Center in Maadi, I  got first place on Africa. Then, I traveled to America in the state of Knytkt the year 1995 and I got the title of the guest of honor at the level of the world. I also traveled to Lebanon in the same year to get the Cup of the future. In Cairo, I participated in many Arab and African competitions and I got silver medal and one bronze. I also I participated in a conference on the problems of women with disabilities, and I spoke to the audience about the problems of mentally disabled women in 1997.
Dina’s skills aren’t limited only to sports competitions; she also played the piano in the festival of “Children for Children”, which was held in 1998 in Sheraton, Cairo. She is also able to draw mosques with wax (batik), and her paintings are hanging in the company of “That Touch “for electronic communications. Dina is the first player in the Special Olympics began work at the Regional Office of the Special Olympics for the Middle East, and that in the month of December 2004; Moreover, she was trained many of the administrative work such as using the phone, faxing, and writing on the computer.
The Special Olympics champion Dina Jalal declared that the former President George Bush raised eyebrows when he met her at the White House, after he knew that she belongs to the family of Egypt who could succeed pushing her daughter to the challenge of disability.
Dina, who was afflicted with “Down syndrome,” mentioned that the first participation in the Special Olympics began in 1995 ; where she traveled to America, and got the title of the guest of honor at the level of the world. She added that she was selected in 2003 to be the official spokeswoman for the Middle East even in 2005, noting that she dreamed of many things in the future, Sometimes,  up to a desire to ” reach the sky and catch the stars” she said.