the Technical Workshop Founding a technical workshop specialized in carving on glass, metals, marble, granite, dough, wood -& making stained glass.

In fields like:-


Promotion & advertisement, designs for palaces, villas, shops, churches & flats, all kinds of furniture, kitchens, doors, windows, hanging ceilings, household, photo albums for all occasions, rarities & gifts (antiques). Setting up bazaars inside & outside Egypt. Providing the requirements & supplementaries of decoration, & everything necessary for these industries.

Work & Production Scheme:-

Usage of primitive & simple equipment & machinery being somewhat modern; that the production may be presented in local and global markets, bearing the character & print of perfect, unique & unimitated manual work. A product passes through several




Using modern devices for the initial preparation to about 50 percent, to save time & effort in production stages in general.

step2 :-

Completion of, or finishing with the remaining half, using simple primitive manual tools, so as to give the product an utterly perfect, unimitated manual quality.


Interior final finishing operations of the product but manually, & giving it the character of an antique. So, it may be put for sale in Middle European auctions & galleries; & also in Scandinavian Countries, the rich U.S., & the like.

Putting the product in an smart (original) package suitable for exportation.

Works produced outside the workshop by experienced people may also be involved;


such as:-

Manual carpets


Silk & goblin


Hay (straw works) wheat sticks

Floor, cloth & hanging mats


Stuffing birds & animals

Threads with all manufactured types:

Weaving with hair of camels& fluff of sheep, handmade knitting, crochet, kanava, lasse, sma, luster beads, & all sorts of manual embroidery

Women’s accessories

Requirements & complementaries of decoration, made from environmental recycled items

Ceramic dough

Works depending on simple handlooms

Every extinct environmental industry innovated or good enough for getting admiration

Duty of the financer: The financer should be committed to the following:-

Finding a convenient place: an office consisting of 3 chambers, a hall with other necessities. And, a garage for a workshop in a survey of at least 250 meters (Ground floor); or a grouping place for a 350 meters’ garage, one piece, prepared for services (water, electricity, telephone, internet, fax…).

Suitable preparation & furniture for the office. Dividing the office chambers into: Administration, secretary, & technical system for production.

Preparing the workshop, & furnishing it with the needed tables & seats for the handicapped, just according to the needs & actual state. Purchasing the equipments required for work & production.

Appointing 5 handicapped technical workers, for the purpose of being taught & helped- & 2 chief men for hard work, & a secretary staff.

Appointing a technician specialized in graphic art line works of (Corel Draw, & Illustrator) programs, in internet connections, & in operating the computerized machines of industrialization.

Getting a lawyer & cost accountant for contracts, exportation, & other legal & commercial matters.

Complete responsibility for local & foreign marketing

Obligation to pay all monthly & annual fixed expenses.

Setting a buffet for workers & officials.

Duty of the technical manager in charge, the general supervisor, & the trainer:-

Training technical employment, being precisely chosen, & after having passed psychological, technical, professional & moral tests required for work.

Ordering sets & instruments needed for work in offices & workshops.

Giving the worker a good atmosphere for labor; & taking his views about setting up the place to suit the nature of work & kinds of production into consideration. Putting the machines in a safe & right position.

A person responsible for contracts & works requested from inside or outside the workshop, & for receiving & delivering contracts, in the definite time.

Asking their opinion in estimating wages for workers, technicians & executives, each according to his efficiency for work & co-operation, & to his reputation.

Furnishing the office: It should be very simple, but developed at the same time. For what gives it value, beauty & class is the presentation of the products shown inside.

Setting a place for technical employment preparation particularly for the handicapped, & another place for training. Subsidized training courses will be given to teach available handiworks. That is done to collect a little income wanted for the place to cover some of its permanent needs.


Workshop’s furnishings:-


This comes after exploring the place & knowing how to exploit it to bring forth as much benefit as possible, depending on equipment, machines, crudes, workers & what they need to be in the suitable shape & atmosphere for labor & production on top level.

The cost of this project will be about 350.000 L.E (three hundred & fifty thousand Egyptian pounds), rating about 50.000$ (fifty thousand dollars).

You can contact us to contribute in the project.