El-Sisi says Al-Azhar has failed to renew Islamic discourse

President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has accused Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayeb and other clerics of failing to develop Egypt’s religious discourse.
“You are the one responsible for religious discourse, and God will ask me whether I am satisfied [with your performance] or not,” El-Sisi said of El-Tayeb on Tuesday.
“The role of clerics is not to give speeches in mosques, but to spread peace among humanity,” El-Sisi added.
“At last year’s ceremony, when I tackled the idea of a religious revolution, I didn’t mean imposing [change through] violent actions, rather I meant to revolutionise our thoughts in order to make them to fit the time and also to improve the image of Islam.”
“The main problem is that we don’t understand our religion ,” he said. “And we cannot accept those people who misuse Islam to promote violence and extremism.”
In January, El-Sisi said during the World Economic Forum held in Switzerland that Islamic tolerance was not clear to the world because of terrorism.
“We should stop and change our religious rhetoric from faulty ideas which lead to (terrorism),” El-Sisi said, adding that this could only be achieved by scholars from Al-Azhar, the highest institute of Sunni Islamic learning.
“This has nothing to do with creed. No one will touch the pillars of Islam,” he said.
Al-Azhar has been criticised for failing to combat the growth of Islamic extremism and atheism in Egyptian society.
El-Sisi made the comments at the annual ceremony of Leilat Al- Qadr, which takes place during the last ten days of Ramadan.

Special congratulation from the family of TNTV channel to his H. H. Pop Tawadrs II on the occasion of his second sitting festival:

The family of TNTV congratulates his holiness pop Tawadros the second, the great Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark Episcopate, may god preserve his life for long times under the auspices of the lord Jesus Christ, on his second sitting festival on saint Mark throne.

With the best wishes of the family of TNTV channel

Dr. Nabil Bahi soliman

Artist Dr. nazih Rezk

Mrs. Mervat Latif Salib


His Holiness is smiling while looking at the photographer, (taken by photographer Nazih Rezk).
His Holiness is smiling while looking at the photographer, (taken by photographer Nazih Rezk).


Alfred Adler

Thanks to Adler, as one of three great scientists, namely Sigmund Freud & Carl Gustav Jung, Modern Psychology has been founded.

Alfred Adler was born in 1870, in one of the suburbs of Vienna, the capital of Austria. His father was a grain merchant. He was the second in a family of six children. At the age of three, his younger brother died due to diphtheria. His bed was just next to that of Adler’s. He himself had been suffering from rickets. At the age of four, he developed pneumonia which was about to kill him. This had greatly affected him; that before he was five years old, he had decided to be a physician, so that he may fight death –as he said.

Adler became a physician, being graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Vienna University, 1894. At the beginning, he had been a specialist in Ophthalmology. But he switched to General Practice after. That was before his turning to Psychology. He was one of the first who were mainly concerned with Sigmund Freud’s theories. He also admitted that such theories put him on the way of developing the science of psychology. So Adler began to be concerned with psychoanalysis; he joined the discussion group formed by Freud in 1902. In 1910, & by recommendation of Freud himself, Adler became Head of The Vienna Society of Psychoanalysis. For, Freud believed that appointing Adler in such a position would help mental closure between them both. But it was just the contrary which happened; soon after, contentions began to grow. The difference of views among Adler, Freud & Jung grew so severe that Adler rendered his resignation in 1911. The separation was not peaceful; it was brought about by much bitterness of both sides: Freud described Adler as “Abnormal” & that his severe ambition led to his madness. Adler was not much better: For he described the thoughts of Freud as unclean & obscene; and accused him of being deceiver & swindler. Then Adler, together with some of his colleagues, formed the group of “Psychoanalytic free researchers”. A year after, he changed its title to, “The Society for Individual Psychology.”

It is obvious that all Adler’s works owe much to those who preceded him; yet he, from the beginning, came out with a new different & independent method of describing & treating the problems of mankind.

As previously said, Adler had founded “The Society for Individual Psychology” in 1912, which illustrated the importance of the comprehensive vision to the personality of the individual; & that the word “individual” is used to stress the difference & distinction of each character from the other, & to show that it is impossible for the character to be divided; but regarding it as one unity is a must .

During the First World War (1914-1918) Adler was serving as Doctor in the Austrian Army; a Psychoneurologist in one of the Military hospitals. His military service increased his awareness of the importance & necessity of spreading his thoughts. The Post World 1 War was characterized by riches of his works. At that time, he wrote & published most of his books. Among them was, ”A Study About The Inferiority of Organs, and Psychological Compensation” 1917, “The Theory Of Individual Psychology & How to Apply It” 1929, “the Science of Life” 1929, “Miss R’s Case” 1929, “Life Pattern” 1930, “What life should mean to you” 1931, & “Social Tendency, a Challenge for Man” Which was published after his death.

The rule of Hitler in Germany was a difficult time for Adler together with the Jews as a whole. But he was lucky as this period did not last long for him. In 1935, he went to the United States, & settled down there. He had already been well-known there too. So, a new position was given to him at the Long Island’s College of Medicine; that he became Master of the Department of Medical Psychology. In the same year (1935), the Adlerian School began to publish its magazine “International journal for individual psychology”. At the age of 67, Adler was still steady & serious in his works, writing books & giving lectures; that he had to give fifty-nine lectures in four Countries within one month! He died in May 28th, 1937, of a sudden heart attack while practicing his morning sport- walk- & after giving one lecture to the students of Aberdeen University,  Scotland.

Here, it may be important to shed light on one of Freud’s situations , as it has a particular significance: One of the co-workers sent him a letter sympathizing with Adler, lamenting the latter for his death- Freud’s answer was so tough & out of courtesy. Here is a short extract of the text of Freud’s reply: “I understand not your compassions & feelings towards Adler’s death. This Adler is nothing but a Jewish lad born in one of Vienna’s small districts. Now, he dies in Aberdeen while giving a lecture at its university. Such a matter was not heard of before. That in itself is considered a great positional change & an illustration of his exceptional progress that he achieved. He sees that the world has awarded him with much generosity in return for his psychoanalytic presentation.”

Now, & after more than 65 years of Adler’s death, many psychologists are taught how to use the methods of individual psychology all around: Extending from the United States & Canada to England, Germany, Austria & Switzerland-reaching also to Australia & other distant places.

From among the cases which Adler mentioned, that during the period of the war, he recognized two soldiers who were shot; each lost one of his arms. However, they got medicated. Many years after the end of the war, he ran into them; separately but coincidently. The one said to him on seeing him: “Doctor Adler, I’m unable to live. I bear my body as if it were a burden not to be relieved. The amputation of my arm made it impossible for me to do anything useful. I wish I had died instead of living with a condition as this.”

That soldier was a young man; but he lay on his tragedy & was satisfied with disability & surrender. It was but less than a week that passed when the other maimed soldier visited him. “Doctor, I’m very well. I found a work for my livelihood. It’s so much better than that which I had done before the war –when I was still with my two arms. I had got married, & got children. I’m happy with my wife & children. I would wonder why God created us with two arms, as one is enough.” Said he.

That obvious contrast in the behavior of the soldiers both, motivated Adler to meditate & compare between them. He justified the contrast by the bravery of the latter to confront life with its calamities & catastrophes. Adler attributes this great difference to the fact that the latter soldier, in his early 4 or 5 years of childhood, was brought up to be brave; to challenge & to confront. But the former was brought up to run away & detach himself.

“Courage is the health of the soul.” That is one of Adler’s sayings. That is, all psychological diseases are caused by fear, particularly that which has no justifiable reason. It is a psychological condition of distress making the patient afraid of everything. This condition is potent inside the individual, & lead to his instability. Nevertheless, the lack of upbringing may not be a good excuse for us to fear & submit to disasters we face. That if we were not educated to be brave & to get used to being so at the stage of childhood, we should learn it & habituate ourselves to it- & to struggle with problems, hardships & calamities. We should never admit defeat; but do as the military leader who said, “The army is not defeated as long as it doesn’t admit the defeat.”

“The human nature” is one of the significant & immortal books of Alfred Adler’s. In this unique volume, Adler- the stubborn rival to Sigmund Freud- & his companion & partner in the adoption of the psychoanalytic theory… Explains the human nature according to the vision of individual psychology. He subdivided the book into two sections: The first one studies the constituents of the growth & development of the personality of the individual. The second section is a study of the science of individual personality; he divided the personality into two main types: A Social Personality, & an Avoiding Personality. He discussed the wrong behavior of the individual which may affect the harmony that should lead our social life -& the method that the individual should follow in order to develop his psychology so as to be adapted to live in the community. Also, he dealt with the three main problems the individual may face; these are: Labor, Relations with the individuals around, & marriage. Moreover, he told us, through his scientific method, about the importance of co-operation & social sense in coping with these three problems. Of course, the book is not free from hidden & explicit criticism of Freud’s theories on psychoanalysis -taking the contention between them both into consideration.

راهب معاصر

الراهب لازاروس الانطونى


ولد فى استراليا وكان استاذ دكتور فى كليه الالحاد بروسيا,وعندما كان شاب فى السابعه والعشرين من عمره توفت والدته وحزن عليها جدا لانه كان يحبها لان لم يكن له سواها فى الدنيا واثناء حزنه عليها ظهرت له السيدة العذرا مريم وقالت له انت امك ماتت بس انا امك الثانيه , وقت ما تحتاجنى اطلبنى هجيلك
اثناء جلوسه على احدى الكافتريات بروسيا شاهد مجموعه من الشبان الذين يتكلمون  ويتنافشون بحماس فحاول فهمهم لكنه لم يستطع لانه لم يكن يعلم اللغه العربيه وعلم انهم مسيحيون فدخل وسطهم وتعرف عليهم وتحدث معه عن المرأه التى ظهرت له فأظهر احدهم صوره للعذراء كانت معه فقال له هذة التى ظهرت لك …. فأجاب نعم
فأندهشواوقالوا له  احكى لنا ما حدث معك . لانهم كانوا يعلمون انه ملحد  وغير مؤمن بوجود الله. فحاول ان يفهم منهم ما هى المسيحيه  وماذا تعنى وعندما اقتنع تماماً اراد ان يتعمد لكن فى ذلك الوقت لم يكن هناك معموديه فى بلاد المهجر فأقترحوا عليه السفر الى السودان لنوال نعمه المعموديه هناك ,,,,فسافر وتعمد هناك وبدأ يسأل من هو مؤسس الرهبنه فأخبروة عن الانبا انطونيوس ابو الرهبان  فقال انا عاوز اشوفه فقالوا له انة مات من زمن بعيد وهو له دير فى البريه الشرقيه فى البحر الاحمر  بمصر فقال لهم انا ذاهب الى هناك واصر على الذهب الى دير الانبا انطونيوس فى البحر الاحمر فى مصر وهو ليس معه اى ورق او اثبات انه مسيحى . وفى ذلك الوقت كان نيافه الانبا يسطس رئيس الدير لة سنتان فى رئاسه الدير عندما ذهب اليه فرفض ان يتعامل معه وافتكرها تجربه من قداسه البابا شنودة الثالت ليختبرة فى التصرف واثناء رحيلة من الدير ظهر الانبا انطونيوس له فى الطريق واعطاة جواب مختوم منه لرئيس الدير الانبا يسطس  فرجع مرة اخرى الى الدير وطلب مقابله الانبا يسطس واعطاة الجواب فأ ندهش رئيس الدير وقال له من انت حتى يعطيك الانبا انطونيوس جواب  ليتوسط لك عندى وبعت النبا يسطس الى البابا ليخبرة بما حدث فقبل البابا شنودة الجواب ورسم راهب بأسم ابونا عازر


واستمر فى الدير لمدة عام  ثم طلب منه الانبا انطونيوس ان يسكن فوق فى الجبل وفعلاً سيم قس وصعد الى الجبل وتوحد فى مغارة فوق مغارة الانبا انطونيوس بحوالى500  متر وهو الذى حفر المغارة بنفسه  ومهد الطريق لها لكنة يمنع اى شخص من الصعود لرؤيته حتى من بعيد وهو متوحد الى الان 14 سنه منهم 11 كان يتعلم القداس على يد ابونا تيموثاوس وهو راهب حبشى فى الدير
وما زالت تظهر له العذراء مريم والانبا انطونيوس  الى الان

عازر النطونى

اذكرنا يا ابانا فى صلواتك

خدمه ربنا موجود

 تعلن كنيسه مارمرقس الرسول  القبطيه الارثوذكسيه

عن بدء خدمة مدارس الأحد لذوى الاحتياجات الخاصةمارمرقس

تبدا الخدمة من يوم السبت 26 اكتوبر من الساعة 11 الى 1:00 بغرفة رقم 201
مبنى القديس ونستقدم الخدمة للاطفال من سن 6 الى 12 سنة
لسكان مصر الجديدة وضواحيها

صلوا من اجل ان يبارك الرب فى خدمته خدمة مدارس الأحد لذوى الاحتياجات الخاصة


قدم لنا معلمنا بولس الرسول صورة رائعه فى رسالة أفسس
وانت متأصلون ومتأسسون فى المحبة حتى تستطيعوا ان تدركوا مع جميع القديسين ما هو العرض والطول والعمق والعلو وتعرفوا محبه المسيح الفائقة المعرفة لكى تمتلئوا الى كل ملء الله
(افسس 3 19:18)

لقد ذكر معلمنا بولس الرسول كلمه متأصلون & كلمه متأسسون

فتجد كلمة متأصل تعنى مثلا جذر النبات لابد وان يكون متأصل  ثابت فى الارض حتى تتم عمليه نموه بشكل سليم

وتأتى كلمة متأسس تعنى مثلا البيت يجب ان يبى البيت على اسس سليمه حتى نضم سلامته

هكذا المحبه هى الجذر والاساس الذى تبنى عليه حياتنا  فعندما نتأسس فى المحبه من خلال علاقتنا مع الكنيسه

نستطيع معرفة ما هو العرض والطول والعمق والعلو  وهذا هو النمو الذى نريد جميعاً ان نصل اليه



طوبى للنفس التى جمعت ذاتها من شرود الفكر ،ودخلت داخل نفسها واغلقت ابوابها عليها
وجلست تحادث الحبيب الجالس فى وسط تسابيح اورشليم تتمعن فى 
اقوال الراعى بين السوسن

  الشيخ الروحانى

الكنيسة القبطيه

البابا تواضروساعتادت الكنيسة القبطيه على رعاية اللة لها على مرالعصور بارساله لها رعاة حسب قلبه

كل راعى صالح فى الوقت الصالح للكنيسة ففى عصرنا هذا ارسل لنا اللة راعيا صالحا

يرعى شعبه بطهارة وبروهو قداسة البابا تواضروس التانى

والذى بداء فى عمل قواعد ولاوائح للكنيسة ومنهالائحة

اختيار مجالس الكنائس

التى بداء التنفيذ فيها بالفعل فى منطقه مصر القديمه تحت رعاية

نيافة الحبر الجليل الانبا يوليوس اسقف منطقة مصر القديمة والمنيل وفم الخليج

وكان يوماً متميزاً من حيث الترتيب والنظام وروح فريق العمل الواحد

الذى وجد استحسان من الشعب واستجاب الى اداء دوره فى اختيار مجالس الكنيسة الخاصة بهم


mary mina
نيافه الانبا يوليوس اسقف منطقه مصر القديمه مع بعض الاباء كهنه المنطقه

وقد تم ايضا عمل الانتخابات فى منطقة شبرا الجنوبيه تحت رعاية

نيافة الانبا مكارى اسقف  منطقه شبرا الجنوبيه

الذى عمل على اتمام لائحة مجلس الكنائس للمنطقه وقد تميزت الانتخابات بالترتيب والنظام الجيد وروح المحبه الذى شمل بها

نيافته منطقة خدمته مما جعل الشعب يحرص على اداء دورة الانتخابى  فى اختيار مجالس الكنائس الخاصة بمنطقتهم وكان يوما

رائعا   حرص الجميع  على القيام بدوره حتى ينتهى العمل  فى احسن صورة

العدرا الوجوة1نيافة الانبا مكارى اسقف شبرا الجنوبيه مع بعض من الاباء الكهنه وبعض الخدام بالمنطقه

دام الله لنا راعينا قداسة البابا تواضروس التانى سنين عديدة سلاميه مديدة وحافظ لنا على كنيستنا المجيدة

التى تقدم كل يوم درساً رائعاً لنتعلم منه كيف نعيش الحياة بالنظام والترتيب











A phone call related to the rights of the disabled

This is a call defending the rights of the disabled in general, and the blind in particular, in joining all departments in Cairo University, between Mr. Nazih Rezk, Dr. Gaber G. Nassar head of Cairo University, and announcer Youssef Al-Husseini in his program “Respectable folks”.

A phone call with Mr. Nazih Rezk on 30/09/2013 in “Respectable Folks”.