Magdi Yacoub Nassif

He is an Egyptian businessman, chairman of the triple corporation for manufacturing, acarpentry and distribution. He is the chairman of Baghdad foundation for commerce and supply. His father is the founder of Baghdad foundation known as “Pana snic”. He is the owner of the credit for the spread of “Samsung” products Home appliance in Egypt.

Issa (the swimmer(

He is an invention by Yusuf Shahin the director.

He was not a Christian but he was Issa Al-Awam )the swimmer( who was an Arab Muslim diver fought with Salahuldin.

according to the written story by the judge Bahaulddin Ibn shaddad that  He fought with the victorious commander Salahuldin against the Crusaders as it was written  in his book

“Sultan’s rarities and Youssef’s beauties: “Days of the plight of acre” And also The author of   “self-reminder in The speech of Jerusalem” he wrote this story on page (1/378 – 379),saying:

“From these anecdotes and their beauties that there was a Muslim swimmer who was to be told Issa. he was entering the country where was acre during the siege of the fringe – at night With books And expenses on his waist (that is to tie them on his waist)  on guard of the enemy and he was swimming and coming out of the other side of enemy vessels.

One night, he tied three sacks of 1000 JD on his waist and wrote to the military then he swam inside the sea and one of the enemies flew and murdered him, putting an end to his life.

It was customary that if he entered the country, the bird knew his coming so they were slower for his arrival.

Therefore, people knew that he had been perished.

A few days later while people on the seaside in the country; the sea had tossed them a drowned dead.

And when people examined him, they found out that he’s issa Al-Awam )the swimmer(

They found on his waist gold and wax for books; the gold was fir the Mujahedeen’s outlays.

We have never seen one to perform duty during life to perform it after death but this man.

This was in the last ten days of Rajab.

Eng Nabih Yousef

Nabih Yousef is an Egyptian-American structural designer, He was Known for his work in the field of earthquake engineering and He is also a fellow of the American Society of civil engineers. Yusuf got  Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cairo University in 1967.

Then he emigrated to The USA  where he received the master’s degree from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1971.

After that he got a graduate studies degree in the field of earthquake engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1974.