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The channel is operated by a skillful crew, for serving the disabled, raising their   awareness and presenting them and their problems to the community. Whether you deal with the disabled or not, kindly follow us to recognize our special talents, and light the way before us via giving us hope.

The channel also aims at transmitting the word of God and enlightening humans who consider themselves weak, even because of physical weaknesses.

The Founder  


Dr. Nazih Rezk

He was born in Shoubra 10 February 1960 from a family consists of seven members and he is the youngest, he married in America in 1992 to Mrs. Teresa Rizk, who gave birth to his only daughter in 1994 (Susanna Rizk).

He has several exhibitions in the field of photographic art in the East and West. he is permanently resident in America, on 7 April each year, asika city in New York state celebrates  the day of Dr.Nazih Rezk  as a tribute to his art and to his talent as well. Besides, he is the second person from the Arab republic of Egypt after the late president Anwar Al-Sadat gets Kennedy gold medal from the Kennedy Center for arts from Washington DC.

He also holds many awards from all over the world as well as the keys of global cities, including the Gold Medal of the Al-Ahram newspaper in 1995, he is the artist Dr. Nazih Rizk who is renowned as the first one founded the technology of senses school in the world; additionally, he has students from several countries including France Sweden Germany Italy Ireland America and also Australia. He is the first lecturer teaches how to use the remaining senses without sight for blind and non-blind.

And his specific academic writings in the field of technology of senses explains and teaches how anyone can use the camera without the abstract eye and access to the professionalism and speed of image capture and also discrimination in the composition of the painting.

He is One of those who lived and experienced these troubles so his feelings moved to change this painful experiences and think what he can do with those tempted persons like him? And who are granted God’s blessings with special disabilities which classified them as physically challenged; thence he decided to launch Takfik Namati  organization where is mainly headquartered in California in 2012, then he founded its second branch in Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in abbasseya, 2013.

Artist Dr. Nazih Rezk works hard to keep on physically challenged service in middle east to provide everyone from those who are physically challenged, on earth, with his or her dreams.

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·        The goals behind founding Takfik Namati TV


  • Seeking the rights of the disabled, such rights designated by the United Nations and which Egypt and other countries in the Middle-East accepted. Many of which have not been yet granted.
  • The educational aim:A. Presenting illiteracy courses, to promote individuals and determining their talents and potentials.B- As for infants and children, the channel will direct them to schools and institutes, to link them with their society via institutes that support such integration, whether during their school or university education, in addition to creating chances for technical education for individuals who are not interested in joining the university.
  • Providing a healthy environment for the disabled, demanding health care programs, free prosthetic devices for them; as well as preparing families to correctly deal with any disabled member, as well as holding workshops for training individuals for dealing with the disabled.
  • Helping disabled university graduates and holders of intermediate education certificates find jobs, as well as holding workshops teach uneducated to people with disabilities certain crafts to increase their income
  • Providing the Deaf with the means which enable them to complete their high education, & their graduate studies. For, this topic is completely shut for them in Egypt & in the Middle East as well; because many people of this group, are excellent in studies, but do not have the opportunity of finding places at industrial schools, universities or post-graduate studies.
  • Providing real jobs for people of special needs, each according to his-her specialization; so as to be helpful for their Country & society
  • The channel will be responsible for holding workshops to train the handicapped according to the disability of each on various works. That will be done for those who did not have the opportunity to continue education. Such a service will cover all fields of manual & industrial professions to guarantee spaces for labour opportunities

The channel will hold training centers for the Blind on computers with screen readers; starting from children, up to all ages.

The channel will communicate with all universities & big institutions all over the world, in order to get scholarships for all people with special needs, each according to his-her specialization.

Holding some projects for the good of the Handicapped (Means of transport, medical aspects, family consciousness, development projects, Recreational clubs, artistic regards) &paving the way for them to explore all these fields


Co-operating with Houses of Worship belonging to the Egyptian State, & with the universities, governmental services, social institutions & hospitals, In serving people with special needs in different spheres: Such as preparing buildings with facilities for mobility, introducing programmes & methods much more to the point, spiritually, socially & personally alike, for helping them & dealing with them, & for habilitating their ministers so as to be psychologically able to understand the handicapped & to deal with them.

Motivating Houses of Worship & also all the State Bodies to benefit from all cadres of people with disabilities, whether men or women. That would include all activities; whether social, political or educational… In everything; whatever Body they come out of: Houses of worship or any other corporation belonging to the State, & correcting the attitude of the society as a whole towards people with special needs.

  • Designing courses for training individuals who are in contact with people with disabilities, whether in schools, universities or any workplace, as well as training people with disabilities to deal with other individuals who have not yet learned how to deal with them
  • The channel will try to get scholarships for excellent students, of all educational levels, from universities in several countries all over the world.
  • Finding jobs for people with disabilities that suit, and make use of, their education and talents.
  • Cooperating with Egyptian institutes, churches, universities, hospitals and governmental and social organizations to help people with disabilities, via designing buildings in a way that renders moving in easy for them, creating special spiritual and social syllabi for them, and helping them work and develop their community, educationally, socially and politically
  • The channel will resist any body or institution that exploits people with disabilities, instead of rendering them due services.
  • People with disabilities are about 17% of Egyptians, 15.679.000 millions  of about 92 millions.

Photographs of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, patriarch of Alexandria and the See of St. Mark, taken by photographer Nazih Rezk












·        Requirements for broadcasting:


Donations are needed, since about 250 thousand dollars are required to start broadcasting and reach all people. Moreover, we need your prayers and support.
Takfik Namati is a non-profit channel, and is thus exempted from paying taxes.